Beaten and tired from a long April of travel and work the thought of another cloudy, below 50 degree day in Washington wasn't my cup of tea, thinking I would rather sleep in was the mood on Friday morning. Then some inter-office e-mail with the weather report provoked me otherwise. This wasn't going to be a spring rando-storm slop fest but rather real snow and a good amount of it. Convincing me to go skiing is pretty easy, so co-workers/friends Ryan, Sophia, Stewart and myself headed out of rainy Seattle to the little BC burg of Alpental. To no ones surprise the parking lots were already full, but after dodging 2 very motivated Alpental parking dudes, we managed to score a spot right near the lift, if all else fails today at least we had a sweet space. Here's where the pictures start and I'll let the captions tell the story, enjoy.

The drive up was promising, that car in front is an RV to give you some scale

Ryan, Sophia and Stewart at the best parking spot ever

A lot of people had our same ideas

Execpt for this one, we found some secret woods relatively untouched

Booyaa, EP Pros in the powder, it feels so goood

White Gold

unidentified thrill seeker getting fresh

last run was a good one, hiking for the hippy powder

Ryan's psyched with A. Wade and Peter

Big mountains demand big skis


look hard for Ryan, he is wearing Norway army fatigues

Ending a perfect spring day exactly how you should (if you are of the legal drinking age of your country of residence of course)

Hope you enjoyed it, theres still a lot fo snow everywhere and there wont be in July, so take full advantage, good talk team, laters