We've been getting plenty of concerned emails and messages from you guys about your stickers.  The truth was that we ran out of stickers, and had to order more!!!   The second shipment came last Friday, and we spent the whole weekend stuffing envelopes.    The above pictures are the stacks of both things that we had to put together.  For anyone who had messed up postage, we simply paid to have it all fixed.  So, all the envelopes that we have recieved have been sent back with stickers in them!!!   Thanks to everyone who donated, we will be setting your donater status soon.  If you feel like you didn't get enough stickers, just plain want more, or whatever, you are more than welcome to send us another SASE!   For those of you who haven't sent out for your NS stickers yet, please do so!  Here's the rules as we have now figured out.  If you're sending from Canada, just put Canadian postage on it.  If you're sending from anywhere else, you need to get an international postage voucher, and include that with your SASE. Donations get you more stickers.    Remember to include your member name with donations if you want your donater status set properly!  Cheques must be made payable to NS Management.  We CAN NOT cash cheques made out to Newschoolers.com.  Legal stuff....Always put a return address on the SASE just incase...  don't want your stickers getting lost in the mail!Our address is:NS Management753 Rue VersaillesMontreal, Quebec, CanadaH3C 1Z5That's it!   Hope you guys enjoy the stickers.   Feel free to send in for them as many times as you wish!   We still have some left over, so if you see us in person, make sure to get us to hook you up!