Stept are creators & purveyors of style in the world of skiing and filming. They've created some of skiing's all-time greatest content, including what is arguably the craziest urban segment ever and more generally, bringing a fresh, new look to urban skiing with movies like Ten and Two, Network, Mutiny, The 86, and others. In addition to their movies, they've filmed quite a few of my favorite edits of all time or had their riders in them.

Jiberish Welcomes Clayton & Sean

But could their greatest contribution have been in 2011, when the Stept crew sought to bring together the hottest skiers of the time to crown the best S.K.A.T.E. player & pay them with the dopest prize ever offered in a tournament: A HOT DOG EXTRAVAGANZA? It could have been one of Stept's greatest achievements in skiing but they couldn't quite pull it off. The entire lineup were superstars in their respective rights and this played a large part in what would eventually end up dooming the entire idea to nothing more than "what almost was" status. Having the best skiers in the world in the same tournament, with no prize money and pure bragging rights as the motivation to win, skiers who were also on their own agendas filming/competing meant Nick & Alex Martini really had their work cut out for them.

The Bracket As It Has Stood For The Past 4 Years

Phil Casabon v. McRae Williams

Tom Wallisch v. Seany Jordan

Clayton Vila v. Dale Talkington

Many have called on SLVSH to complete the tournament, which would be sick for sure but with the time gap since the last game it just wouldn't be the same. 3 of the 7 riders left in the tournament are BC machines now and hardly ever ski park, and some just aren't where they were park skills-wise 4 years ago. Finishing now to the level it would have been 4 years back is essentially, impossible. Of course we always have the always epic SLVSH cups to look forward to, but you can't help but wonder what could have been. Had it ever been finished, who would've won the hot-dog party extravaganza? And who would win it now?