Begin Starbucks Rant

The Coffee shop I hate to Love.

One of the things i love about summer is Iced Coffee, and theres only a few places to get it convienent to my house, but theres alot of places shady about starbucks, thus my rant.

1. price differences. of course starbucks are now more a bundent than US Postal Offices now so most of us have been to over 10 different starbucks so far in our life, heres a cool game to play at starbucks, the price game. A Venti Iced costs $3.03 at the starbucks in Mequon, and only $2.72 in Milwaukee (nothing to do with taxes), at the airport it costs $3.50 in colorado it costs $3.25, in boston $2.20, wtf.... i mean honestly the Mequon and Milwaukee starbucks are 2 miles apart, but the Mequon starbucks is on the way to the Freeway, and High School, definately trying to get coin off Students.

2. Crack Babies, at least thats what I call them now. A Crackbaby is any Tween (>15 yr old) that drinks starbucks. Kids dont need caffine and they definately dont need the tripple punch (muffin, and coffee frapachino (2x caffine then reg Coffee)) I'm starting to see 12 year olds with fully loaded starbucks cards packing in the frapchinos, latees, mochas etc. How strung out are they gonna be as 30 year olds christ.

I've noticed this the last few weeks at school, the ultimate accessorie item for Freshmen girls, a starbucks caffinated milkshake (frapachino) at 7am, since when is it ok to have a fucking Milkshake at 7am, i mean thats ultimately what it is, plus it totes the whipped cream too, thats about 500 callories, that wont even fill you up, even though you arent making a MccyD's pitstop for school you might as well, the callories will kill you too, as freindly as you are starbucks, your feuling the obesity "epidemic" too.

3. Making the Statement, having a cup with your fucking Food For Thought or whatever they call the bullshit on the side of cups at starbucks doesn't make you look cool it makes you look like a

Honestly kids... really your stopping to get coffeee just so you can have the cup, i mean if you need the caffine power to you, its the only place in this fucking WORLD where you can get cofee now it seems

4. Competition, you know how many coffee houses Starbucks has put out of business, TOO MANY!, i mean what happened to all the Jave joes, java houses, java junctions of the world, gone gone gone, Thanks Starbucks, now coffee costs as much as gas.

Thats it for now