In 2011, Stage started the company to find their own niche in the massive goggle market by offering high quality, affordable, AND customizable goggles. Since then, they have expanded their offerings to sunglasses, ski & SUP accessories, among other products.

The Propnetic features 9 magnets (1 on each side that are out of view) to lock down the lens.

What's In The Box: The Propnetic is an oversized, cylindrical lens goggle that comes with 2 lenses out of the box. A 'Chrome Smoke(sunny)/Detector(lowlight)' lens combo are the only options at the moment. The general strap options are limited but if you go the custom route, you can have whatever the hell you want on them.

The Low Down: For the few weeks of riding with the Propnetic, I was rocking the new Smith Code helmet and the compatibility was excellent. As an avid Smith helmet user, in the past I've had issues with compatibility using other companies' goggle offerings. The frame does stick out from the face a bit more than other goggles that I've previously used which, aesthetically speaking, might annoy some users. I didn't have issues with fogging at all although I wasn't able to use them during a hot day on the hill so the verdict is still out for those conditions.

The Chrome Smoke & Detector lens both worked properly in the conditions they were intended to be used in. Swapping out a lens if you have to is easy with the magnetic closure system that isn't anything new to the goggle world but the additional magnets that Stage included in the frame really lock down the lens if you end up eating shit.


During my testing, I only found two negatives in Propnetic. First being the lack of lens options at the moment but I would expect Stage to up the offerings in the near future. Second, the strap length. Like most NSers, I wear my goggles one of two ways: under my helmet with my balaclava or the beanie/facemask sans helmet combo. I found the strap length to be a bit too long so when I tightened the straps to fit my head snugly, the 2 adjusters covered most of the Newschoolers logo and were very close to the frame. Minor as that may be, I personally don't like having gear nearly maxed out in either direction.

Note: Stage is able to offer any length strap and can offer dozens of different lens styles, you just need to talk to them beforehand. That’s where they stand out: versatility and customization.

Not much room to maneuver, especially if you have a smaller head.

TLDR: The Stage Propnetic goggle was a great goggle and I was very impressed having only used goggles from the "big dog" brands. The lens options are lacking but you can easily get away with the stock lenses provided. As stated above, Stage wanted to offer affordable goggles and these come in at a very nice $120.