Every year I come to Argentina, time goes by so quickly. Before I know it, I only have two weeks left. People start to leave, the weather begins to warm up a bit, and the sun rises earlier every day.

We have had consistent storms delivering all season and I've only had 2 days of skiing that weren't powder. I guess it's no wonder where the time goes.

When the storm breaks and the sun shines through, there's no end of runs to ski until the next storm rolls in. Slowly working from within the ski resort to farther and farther away until a new storm delivers fresh snow.

And when it delivers, the cycle repeats itself until your body finally is so sore and tired you force yourself to take a day off from skiing and hiking. Usually on those days off, it's nice to just relax, read a book, stretch, and rest up, but taking days of is so hard to do.

For the past week it's been sunny with a little bit of new snow. We've ventured farther away from the resort and found some absolutely amazing snow on one of my favorite runs called Staff Party.

The hike is mostly a traverse and once you are there, the surrounding mountains make you drool looking at all of the possible lines. Staff Party awaits while we drool.

The first pitch is a wide open bowl with minimal features, but nearly perfect powder. Next you drop into a playful section with mini golf lines and poppers everywhere. As if it isn't good enough yet, all of that is followed by a few pillowy rock formations and a tree run with perfectly spaced trees.

The run is roughly 3,600 feet and swallows some whole in the bamboo at the bottom. This is what we call getting bamboozled (Garrett Russell shows us a quality bamboozle below). While Garrett is being seen in rare form, this is a common occurrence amongst those who rarely encounter bamboo while skiing or snowboarding.

Once you swim through the bamboo and make it across the many creek crossings, you come upon the trail to Refugio Frey and ski/hike back to the resort. It's the ultimate run with a little bit of everything.

It's wild to think that there is only two weeks left. I feel like I've been living in fast forward. Such is life in Argentina. While Staff Party has a little bit of everything, so does Argentina. It has everything that I love in one place with the exception of my family and friends, but that is not to say that I don't have the best of friends here in Argentina.

Two weeks, many more adventures to come. Then home to Lake Tahoe and good bye to snow for the meantime. Not yet though!