For the last two weeks I have been spending time at Squaw Valley working on elevating my level of confidence and stoke. Charging with more speed into lines and throwing tricks off of cliffs has been returning to me, and I have been feeling confident in that.

I spent one day in the park at Squaw and hit some jumps with the Filthy Rich Productions crew. I worked on some air awareness with some 360s and 540s. I haven't thrown a 720 in the back country in three years, and have only thrown them for one day in the park during that time, in Whistler last summer. After the day in the park at Squaw the snow became baked in California, and I took off for Utah.

I am out here now shreding with my friends Zach Seibert, Ian and Neil Provo. We built this jump two days ago in the afternoon and came back the next morning to hit it. From the get-go it looked like a perfect 720 jump. My goal for the day was to stomp a nice 7.

I know I can see the 720 rotation in my head, but hadn't done one in years. Instead of being nervous about not having done one in a while, I stepped into my realm of confidence. Confidence in the fact that I know it in my head and now all I have to do is exactly what I know.

This photo is the product of what I know.

Rediscovering confidence in my skiing is opening new doors of exploration of the limits of my ability again. Rediscovering my love for skiing is really reopening my eyes to what a killer sport we all participate in.

This photo was taken by a great friend of mine, while I hit the jump with two other great friends of mine on a beautiful sunny day, all for fun. This photo really is the product of celebration of friendship, celebration of life, and celebration of the love I have for skiing. 720s are going down again... I love skiing.

Blessed Love to all the people,

CR Johnson