It always seems to be the way that when the season is in full swing regular blogging reduces to a bar minimum. I’ve been based over in Breckenridge, Colorado for the last few months and have been loving experimenting with my new camera gear that i’ll talk about in another post as work starts to wind down. I found that downgrading some equipment and upgrading others proved to be something i shouldn’t have been worried about. Moving down from the Canon 1D Mark III to the Canon 5D Mark II has been an absolute joy and for single frame shots or flash work i’m in love with the 5D.

So springtime always brings about new changes and next week i’ll be relocating over to Mammoth, California for a week or so before my flight back to the UK in mid April. The success of this trip is yet to be determined with shots to be edited, sorted and submissions still to be completed. Until then its a case of tying up loose ends, trying to fit in the last few shoots and figure out how to get the 1000 miles to mammoth.