Here are some of the better pictures of the action that went down on Feb 17 2008 in the village at Silver Star Mountain Resort. (Photo: Tim Fitzgerald)

A couple of hot Cbox Angles, who has more style? (Photo: Tim Fitzgerald)

The Flatbar seen the majority of the action. At times I would call it organized chaos! (Photo: Tim Fitzgerald)

Grrrrrrrr!  (Photo: Tim Fitzgerald)

More Flatbar Angles  (Photo: Tim Fitzgerald)

Getting ready to 450 out! (Photo: Tim Fitzgerald)

Sporking is a fine art only found in certain individuals on the Star Park Crew  (Photo: Tim Fitzgerald)

Only a few of the brave and the highly skilled toyed with BIG BLACK some with better results than others. (Photo: Tim Fitzgerald)

Hug that KINK!  (Photo: Tim Fitzgerald)

Team Quebec was sending it downtown!  (Photo: Tim Fitzgerald)

Mr Cam Shuster never seems to let the crowd down. This kid was having no problems showing BIG BLACK what was up. Do Work Buddy!  (Photo: Tim Fitzgerald)

Well everyone, I have a nice collection of Park Shots that will be posted in the next week or so. If you haven't seen the Silver Star Park lately, you have to make an effort to get up to the Star and session. The park is almost at full build-out and the features will continue to grow until the season is finished. Check Back Soon! And be sure to start training for the 3rd Annual Showdown Throwdown Hoedown, Slopestyle Shootout @ The Star Happening March 29 and 30.