On August 30th 2014 Splash Fest burst onto the scene, an exciting mix of slope-style skiing, live music and pond skimming carnage hit our slopes; bringing in just over 100 festival goers.

This year we want to go bigger… We have hooked up with Animal as our lead sponsor; they will help push Splash Fest 15 to the masses!

We are bringing some big names within the free-ski world and the bands are unmissable, so watch this space for full set listings and featuring athletes!

Pre-booking has opened; so if you book on in the next 2 weeks, you can save yourself £5.00 by getting a competitor pass for £10.00 not £15.00. That nice save can be put towards some swimming trunks and a soft towel, as this years Splash Pool is going to be bigger and better than ever before!

Keep your lunch box at home as a BBQ will be running all day, this will serving all kinds of meaty goodness. However, don't you worry about the heat as our pop up bar will be happy to keep your thirst quenched, with soft and alcoholic drinks from start to finish!

Don't miss your chance to join us on the August 22nd 2015 at the John Nike Leisure Sports Complex, Bracknell.

Book now to save those pennies by calling 01344 789002 or by heading over to


We will see you soon,

Bracknell Ski Team