Many skiers know that camera pole mounts are fantastic, in fact, some of the most captivating and unique shots are in credit of pole mounts. From old ski poles to pieces of bamboo, GoPros and cameras alike have been fastened, taped, glued, and elastic’d onto about anything that could potentially replicate the intriguing shot. But there was always something missing...

A couple Canadian skiers were frustrated with the inability to change the perspective of their camera with their pole mounts. Shameless selfies are great now and then, and following cam"ing" a friend can be fun, but let’s face it, you essentially end up sacrificing a run.

Fed up with this limiting factor they decided to pull their snow pants up and do something about it, Newschoolers please welcome the Spivo Stick!

The Spivo Stick allows users to rotate their camera 180 degrees with the push of a trigger. The instant camera rotation gives you the ability to capture your goggle tan, and your buddy nollieing a gaper in the same run. Using a 1/4-20" thread mount, you can attach anything from GoPro's to digital cameras as long the device has a tripod mount. Watch this edit they put together of a couple park laps on a sunny spring day.

As much as the founders of Spivo would love to make a living out of skiing, neither of them possess Harlaut's good looks or Candide's ninja ability. So to support their addiction of skiing, that you can relate to so well, they need your help to turn their dream into a reality.

They launched a Kickstarter campaign last week and it has been going extremely well (25% of their goal within 3 days) but the momentum is essential and they need your help to keep it going that way.

Please take the time to check out and share the Kickstarter campaign; if you love the product please take advantage of pre-ordering a Spivo at a reduced rate.

For those of you who are not familiar with Kickstarter, it's a crowd funding service that helps businesses and products reach funding goals to start production. The caveat of Kickstarter is that unless the goal is met, no funding is awarded to the campaign owner; meaning production will not take place and nobody receives the item they ordered (but don't worry your credit card isn't charged unless the goal is met).

So to ensure everyone gets a Spivo, please support two fellow freeskiers and help progress an industry that we all care so much about.


Spivo Team