Speedflying emerged in the early 2000s. Located halfway parachuting and paragliding, this activity can be part of the extreme sports. The pilot uses a small area glider that can move at high speed along the slopes.

Joseph Innes, 23 years old, (http://www.facebook.com/JosephInnesSpeedflyer/) is one of the world top level speedflying pilot. Coming from England (Stroud, Gloucestershire), he lives from 2 years in Chamonix (France).


Southern lines

Joseph give us some key elements of his passion

His beginnings :

"I started climbing at age 12. It has been my only other real obsession that lasted years. Climbing led me to Chamonix, and Chamonix made me question why I was climbing. I don't want to put all of my energy gained into heating up the belay device on the way down! Flying down is much better."

His ambitions :

"I would like to develop a glider and harness. Since beginning to tweak my own glider, I now understand a little more about finding the best handling for my style. I have some ideas to allow pilots to safely tune their glider (even in flight)."

His inspirations :

"First, my friend David Shp. He is a master of speedflying, speedriding and is a paragliding instructor. He also does acro... A very skilled and practiced pilot, and super nice guy.

Jamie Lee was always my biggest inspiration for style. Watching his videos a thousand times probably did something for my flying."

Sponsoring :

"Sponsors are welcome and even expected. They can contact my producer Jan Thinoks (http://www.facebook.com/JanThinoks/)."



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