This rail is said to be jaw dropping to park riders and big mountain skiers alike. It is 8 foot long and is painted the mountains favorite color which after 15 hits will be unrecognizable. Guinness World Records was brought in Thursday to authenticate the rail. The rail beat the record for best rail for mountain under 600’ in NH. Next week my backyard setup will be authenticated for the same record record.

While the average Newschooler might be really excited about this news, some have different opinions. Local families and Massachusetts jerrie

s have been interviewed to get their take on the accomplishment.

They make up 98% of the mountain’s clientele according to Small Town Weekly. One mom we interviewed named Karen said “These kids these days are gonna kill themselves.” she said she would like to speak to the general manager. While a dad said “This looks like something I saw on X-Games.”. Another mom was interviewed and said “My kids have been complaining that their favorite jump has a metal thing in front of it”. As you can tell families are riled up and for good reason. As

one mom put it, our favorite trail has these Shawn Whites flying everywhere without poles, some even shouting doglike noises. While their opinions are mostly negative we did manage to interview others in favor of the record breaking rail.

Owner John Warner says he hopes the new rail will draw attention to his hill instead of his competitors. He wants it to take his resort to new heights but that wouldn’t be hard considering it’s 500’ base to height. The rail is the first notable thing to happen to the mountain in 90 years.

Since installing the feature Newschoolers the website has been deader than usual. That is possibly because members are actually skiing instead of posting on the website.

Our interview with the park crew brought up moral because they were all “stoked” to have an actual feature to use. This begged the question why did the mountain have a park crew in the first place?