South Park has gotten quite a facelift over the last week or so.  There's a brand new medium sized line of 3 jumps and a few new rails and boxes.  The jumps are probably range from about 15-30 feet and they are amazingly smooth.  Mammoth definetly has some of the best groomers/jump builders in the world. 

Mammoth Mountain now has a superpipe, minipipe, more rails, boxes and jumps than you could count, a few spines and rhythm sections, ect. 

Hey, every other resort in America.... Jealous much?

I'll get some more updates going in the next few days.  Unbound Main is looking rediculous. 

Now here's the South Park pics.

Starts out with a nice down rail

Then on to a box.  A lot of people were hitting this as a table too. 

Here's some shots of the new jump line.  Three tables, then some rail on the left, and a rhythm section on the right.

Dual take-offs

There's a few little boxes and stuff scattered all over.

This beast is still out there.

a few barrel jibs are scattered around

The park ends with a nice flat down.

Sean Logan going big in Unbound Main

We were filming something in Jibs Galore the other day and this gem happened right in front of us.


Dan Hansen