Corralco Ski Resort, Chile

While most of us were out bathing in the sun and swimming in our local watering holes this summer skiers in South America were having the time of their lives. After a relatively slow start, the 2015 ski season turned out to be one for the ages with a handful of resorts receiving double their annual snowfall totals. Most of the major resorts in South America are located in the countries of Chile and Argentina. The two countries are separated by the southern section of the Andes Mountains, the longest mountain range in the world. After a less than impressive month of June only two resorts in South America were open. All of that changed after a massive mid July storm dropped more than 100 inches of snow on Portillo, Chile in just over three days. From then on the season took a turn for the best and South America had its best winter in six years.

Snow Totals:

Cerro Castor, Argentina - 2015 snowfall: 153 inches

2010-2014 snowfall average: 43 inches

Cerro Catedral, Argentina - 2015 snowfall: 352 inches

2010-2014 snowfall average: 197 inches

Las Lenas, Argentina - 2015 snowfall: 331 inches

2010-2014 snowfall average: 152 inches

Corralco Ski Resort, Chile - 2015 snowfall: 695 inches

2010-2014 snowfall average: 281 inches

La Parva, Chile - 2015 snowfall: 377 inches

2010-2014 snowfall average: 148 inches

Portillo, Chile - 2015 snowfall: 310 inches

2010-2014 snowfall average: 110 inches

Las Lenas, Argentina