Kevin Steen is an amateur (it’s almost insulting to call him an amateur because he’s too good to be professional) cinematographer. He is amazing with a camera and an editing wizard as well. He continues to push the limits of short films with his creativity and mindset. The more work you watch by Kevin, the more you want to watch. He’s recently began working with 4bi9 media to film for their annual ski movies. In the fall of 2010, Kevin entered a short film titled, Sound&Light into the National Film Festival For Talented Youth which he won the Audience Award for best short film. Sound&Light follows a select few individuals throughout their ski season. With narration by Steve Stepp, Sound&Light is a great portrayal of how a sport (or lifestyle is you wish) can change who a person is. Be sure to check out the Sound&Light video below as well as more of Kevin’s work at his Vimeo page.