Photos: David Malacrida

Thirty guys dropped in to the massive Sosh Big Air jump this evening and only three could make it to tomorrow's semi finals. The crowd was treated to a multitude of dub 7s, 10s and 12s, as well as a stunning but slightly sketched cork 12 stale from Lauri Kivari and a mental triple front attempt from Henri Immonen. But at the end of the day the three to make the cut were:

1. Christof Schenk (Forward dub misty 10)

2. Jackson Wells (Massive dub 7)

3. Alex Hall (Dub 12 seatbelt)

Our very own (fuckboi) Troy is in the house, and is almost certainly keeping the up NS reputation at the bar at this very minute. I, meanwhile, got sick, stuck at home, and therefore get to do this recap. Make sure you find him and say what's up if you're in the area. Check out some photos below courtesy of the man David Malacrida. The jump is insane and the inrun looks frankly terrifying. Make sure to tune in to the finals tomorrow! for more!