Just posting some pics I found on my computer of the Blast-Off Jacket, Jordan did a sick motion graphic thing of the suit, its funner to watch then pictures, but if your Internet connection is lame like this guys and you cannot download a video, these pictures will show you what the video cannot.




Fresh and crispy

The jacket goes well with a tight pair of jeans, or baggy, it suits all Pant Choices

It goes well with a pair of powder skis, or a pair of park skis

Hitting rails is so much more hood when a Pit Bull is present during the session

Make sure your pitbull does cool shit while you are not hitting the rail and just chilling

Pit bull’s that do not have clipped ears are not as gangster to take to your rail sessions but make sure it is barking and looking aggressive so people are scared to even ask to session the rail you guys are hitting

One of my favorite movie quotes of all-time, I had to do it