Living here at Alta has a ridiculous amount of perks, but slaying a park on the regular isn't one of them. So whenever we get the chance to session some boxes and rails we jump at it. We'd done some filming, but it was mostly with bad light and conditions, so we decided to throw together a short edit of stuff we know won't be in the movie. Brighton's setups are super tight right now and with awesome flow. Park City is unfortunately working on Jonesy's, so we'll have to wait for that to open back up to get some filming done and perhaps an edit. We had to reset the flat down box at Snowbird because it was almost impossible to slide with the amount of tilt it had. One of the park crew guys came by and had 0 problems with what we were doing, and was actually glad we were doing it because it had sucked for a long time. We also just set up the stall wall here at Alta with a huuuge tranny, so it should be a ridiculous session if we ever get some sunshine.

Here's the edit:

February Update with JANKYfilms from Janky Films on Vimeo.