Press release:

A year and a half ago a bunch of skiers and boarders came up with a crazy idea: to produce a freeride ski and -snowboard movie free for everyone. Plans for this non-profit venture were laid out and soon over 100 people roamed around the globe riding and filming. The mission took riders to such locations as

McKinley Massif (Alaska), Chamonix (France), Verbier (Switzerland), Whistler (Canada), Dynaland (Japan), Brighton (USA), Narvik (Norway) and Perisher Blue (Australia) not to mention various resorts in Scandinavia. 35 -minutes of the best action has been compiled from more than 300 hours of footage and it includes riders from unknown local rippers to some of the hottest names in the industry; names like Tanner Hall and Heikki Sorsa. All the

action is done to the beats of up-and-coming underground hip-hop, rap and rock bands. The film will be freely available for anyone to download over the Internet at in November 2002. Check it out!

We will release the film in three parts: Part I on 30th October, Part II on 15th November and Part III on 22nd November. Each part will be roughly 10-12 -minutes in length. Depending on how you wish to watch the film, you can choose between different formats:

Low Resolution Divx

- if you have limited bandwith or if you're using a very small screen

High Resolution Divx

- The Best quality and you can watch it from the computer or make your own VHS...

VCD NTSC (North America)

- if you're the kind of guy who always goes for the best...and you wish to see it through your DVD!


- if you happen to be in Europe or in Australia...

For more info e-mail us at: or

Pictures by Rami Lappalainen.