The Solid Seven will be a whenever the hell I feel like it article series detailing 7 solid, not necessarily great, skiing related topics. Whether it is 7 questions with everyone's favorite pro Jason Arens *cough* finish the damn interview *cough* (yes it's still not done yet), 7 epic BC jump shots, or the 7 gnarliest bails from the previous month, just know I'm doing you a solid.

Alden Spence, skiing's playboy model weighs in on snurfing, skiing for Joystick, & more.

1. What's it like being a prettyboi Versace model? How has this lifestyle influenced your skiing?

Actually a Versace ad

You might be the 4th NS employee to ask me about modeling. It's all hype, a fantastic running joke. No checks, no fast cars... no car at all right now, no Milan fashion week here. Lifestyle and interests absolutely influence skiing and vision though, even if I'm lacking in the versace model lifestyle. A lot of my influences I picked up when I was much younger, I lived south of SF and grew up skateboarding, Shane Cross & Jerry Hsu were probably my biggest idols back then. Before I started Highschool my family moved close to Kirkwood Mtn, I wanted to carry over the same influences I had in skateboarding to skiing because that's what I knew. I was able to talk my dad into purchasing some olive green Holden skinny pants when I started skiing and not much has changed. Thanks Dad.

2. What has been your idea behind the Dark Futures & Joystick webisodes? Any driving forces behind the style & production?

The last couple years I've just been more into photo and video work leading up to editing my own part for the GoodEnough movie last year "Not Quite". I just wanted to continue with those creative outlets. Dark Futures started at the beginning of the season as a way to promote Moment's park skis and riders. I saw a 4th video under the Dark Futures name was put out but I have nothing to do with it anymore. The Joystick volumes came about after Mike (one of the most genuine and real people) approached me and offered me a position with Joystick. When I started thinking about ways to get some brand exposure, original creative content has always been a part of Joystick. It seemed natural to use our riders to put out great content.

Ski fast!

3. Are there any plans to release a snurfer edit?

Pitted AF

It's on the bucket list, I have a good friend in Tahoe, Ricky Koukal, he's been riding these no binding Grassroots Powder Surfing Boards for years and is a huge inspiration to me. Being able to do that in Utah a bit this year has been awesome it's a really fun time even just hiking a small spot with friends.

4. How is skiing for Moment and working for Joystick as brand director, 2 rather innovative brands to say the least and how did that come about?

Casey and Luke let me sweep shop when I was 16, let me live in their house in college, and taught me most of what I know. I'll never be able to repay that generosity but hopefully I can continue it through Joystick providing opportunity for the next generation. I stopped riding Moments when I was approached with the opportunity to work at Joystick. It was an honor to have been approached by a brand I grew up worshiping. I'm taking as many inputs from the team, and people affiliated, to grow Joystick and stay true to its authentic and original nature.

5. How did your affiliation with goodenough start and what is your favorite part about the crew? Is it true Jason is actually Mexican?

It all started with Boreal Mountain. The single greatest place in the world. When I started riding there I didn't know too many people and reached out to Jason/Noah and as people to ride and film with. I'm not sure what the best part about the crew is, everyone is really different to the point where our visions of filming and skiing clash at times, pushing through that to create something that represents all of us is the best part I think.

As far as I know Jason has dual citizenship as his mom is from Mexico City and his dad is from Ciudad Juarez right on the border. He's about as La Raza as it gets.

6. Why the affiliation with the illuminati? Is it really dead or is goodenough bringing it back to life?

Western medicine, chemtrails, new world order, Noah Curry, bohemian grove, swine flu, Jay Z, the rockefellers, David Bowie, Hunger Games, Orson Wells, 1984, The DaVinci Code. All the evidence is there we're just trying to educate the people.

7. What is next in life for Alden? Can we expect to see you in any magazines modeling?

Haha very very doubtful but I will be focusing my energy on Joystick Skiing and am happy to do so. Outside of that I'm looking forward to spring/summer, hoping to get a small Joystick team trip back to boreal from Utah and are working on lining up Joystick Skiing X Woodward Tahoe/Woodward Copper Sponsored Sessions.