The Solid Seven will be a whenever the hell I feel like it article series detailing 7 solid, not necessarily great, skiing related topics. Whether it is 7 questions with everyone's favorite pro Jason Arens *cough* finish the damn interview *cough* (yes it's still not done yet), 7 epic BC jump shots, or the 7 gnarliest bails from the previous month, just know I'm doing you a solid.

I should've been at SIA this year but getting fucked over by airline policies was my fate so I had to relive the epic shenanigans via the interwebs. Here are the brands and good times that made the weekend what our industry is all about.

1. We finally found out what happened to skierman...

2. The NS snapchat was uhhh, just watch.

3. Jiberish kills the game once again. Big props to Pete and boys.

4. ON3P continues to crank out the best graphics for skis year after year to go along with some of the best skis out right now.

5. Meeting Tom Wallisch. Life goal of many a 12 year old (and mine) is to meet the King of Afterbang. It appears I missed out this year but I guess next year will have to come sooner.

6. Saga continues to do what they do best: say fuck you to the haters and make killer outerwear and accessories the way they want!

7. There is no picture or video that can go here to say how much I hate airlines for fucking up my ticket and not letting me go hang out with the best damn content crew for the best skiing website in the world! Heres to next year!