The Solid Seven will be a whenever the hell I feel like it article series detailing 7 solid, not necessarily great, skiing related topics. Whether it is 7 questions with everyone's favorite pro Jason Arens *cough* finish the damn interview *cough* (yes it's still not done yet), 7 epic BC jump shots, or the 7 gnarliest bails from the previous month, just know I'm doing you a solid.

The entirety of this interview was done whilst drunk, me typing these questions and Dan when answering them 2 weeks later. Spelling was not corrected. Only Sentences were capitalized. Enjoy....

1. Right off the bat: give us some details on who you are, what you do with your life, and how often you actually get confused with Dan Brown from Line Skis?

Hi. I am dan brown. I'm a boring 32 year old personal trainer from north dakota. pays me a salary to manage a team of 20th people. I truly enjoy my job. i went on i can assure you you hate me. im only 26. my father was a koala bear and my mother was a muslim mercenary. they formed together around 1987 to form myslef. To this day my mother still questions where i come from (i assume the milkman) because of how racist and hateful i am (etc). i just tell her shes soft and she looks like dobby the house elf. she doesn't actually.

2. Creeping your NS profile, I see you have 2 of the hottest edit's I have ever seen. Explain to me why you aren't pro and more importantly why Level 1 didn't take you to the Finalist showdown last year

I used to drop mad heat. Couldve filmed for espn/skied for greg stump (etc). I dunno. I won a shit contest and got a gopro 2. It filmed real well. Then i didnt have money for other things like booze and drugs in college so i sold it for 200 bucks. It was a short lived film career. But showts out to pat warner tarca and caleb. For the record watch out for danbrown superunown 2.0, @goodcompany has been gracious enough to record most of my lifestyle shit (@adakoulas @kyledecker) including tossing snow on walls, being gagged and forced to drive a winch, lighten the overaall mood etc.

3. I've told you this before but you're my favorite person that I follow on social media, simply because of your IG and FB posts. Why/how are you so entertaining?

I don consider myslef remotely entiretaining. I dont typically post instagram posts sober, and if i do, they dont garner nearly as many likes., Jennifer garner. she was in a show called alias and anyways my sober posts are pretty shitty, my drunk alter ego is called stan. Hes arounda bunch. His instagram is pretty tight. I'm big into meeting strange dogs. essentially the only funny photos occur when iam blacked out. Will see yous oon.

4. Eheath and you take over the GoodEnough snapchat rather often. What's your strategy to perform a successful takeover? Will you grace the NS snapchat sometime soon?

Im down, i mean my life isnt very interesting so id feel pretty bad about people looking at the snaocchat and being unimpressed. Actually i raelly dont care what they think. I will take it over. Message me.

5. Craziest story; skiing, partying, or otherwise.

i dont have many stories. i have a couple tattoos. ive pierced my nose four times. ive been arrested for peeing in public (charges got dropped shout out to the willimantic connecticut prosecutor) one time i drank a bunch of booze and called in sick to work and drove to Las Vegas on st patricks day. typically tings that are not interesting. if your drankin game is shit call coach @hotpossie jon hartman hes the true turnup god.

6. Do you actually get any work done when you're with JArens at update: unfortunately jarens does not work there anymore, but hes doing king shit with pete judging comps across the country, getting expenses paid trips. Aside from jarens news, I've recently been promoted to supervisor at bc. Should you or any other east coast/midwest immigrants need a seaosnal job to get settled in in utah, i got your hook. Contact me personally and plead your case and you'll be fully employed.

On his way to steal your boyfriend

7. What is next for Dan Brown? Where do you wish to be in 8.4 years?

Not too much is next. I'll have some tequila, id also like to go to deer valley at some point. Their groomres sound fun. Id at least like to appreciate my sponsors - @chipotle @timmcchesney @1800tequila @factionskis @nikeouterwear @will_berman @juan_borlando @talltproductions @lineskis @beerbarsaltlakecity @ajdakoulas