The Solid Seven will be a whenever the hell I feel like it article series detailing 7 solid, not necessarily great, skiing related topics. Whether it is 7 questions with everyone's favorite pro Jason Arens *cough* finish the damn interview *cough* (yes it's still not done yet), 7 epic BC jump shots, or the 7 gnarliest bails from the previous month, just know I'm doing you a solid.

This isn't a list of OG innovators like Shane, the Canadian Air Force, JP, or the like. This is a list of people that, within the last decade or so, have changed the way skiing is perceived.

1. Gagnier Brothers

What more is there to say about the trio of incredible skiing talent that came out of Quebec from this one family? Years ahead of everyone else in terms of trick ideas, the Gagnier brothers pushed the limit of the sport in every facet.

Mr. Bishop had this to say about Antoine, the oldest of the 3, "Antoine pushes the envelope of uniqueness to a whole new level in the park. Never gets any credit for it, never looks for attention and never listens to the haters, Antoine is out there innovating in the icy Quebec parks all the time. Super nice guy, and every time you see him do a trick you'll think, "Oh that wacky Antoine Style..." and you'll enjoy watching it."

Charles Gagnier, inventor of the octograb, is most famous for denying THALL his 4-peat in slopestyle when he did a "lame one foot" slide which caused THALL's rant that "THIS AIN'T ROLLERBLADING".

Vincent, the youngest, fed off the creativity of his older brothers growing up in Quebec and has made waves in the freeskiing scene with his unorthodox slopestyle runs and innovative octo-screaming seaman grabs in Big Air.

So far ahead of it's time it's ridiculous! This was in 2001.

The infamous octograb by Charles!

This SLVSH instabanger is only the tip of the iceberg...

2. Phil Casabon & Henrik Harlaut (B & E)

The dynamic duo of B-Dog & E-Dollo entered the world of skiing with a bang back in 2009 when they teamed up to create, what I would say, is one of the greatest web series of all-time! The style and creativity exhibited were nothing the world had seen before.

Muddy Winter, boy oh boy, what a classic.

3. The Bunch

Almost everyone's favorite crew of Swedes sneaks in to this week's rendition of Solid 7 because they are masters of taking features, park/urban/BC, and skiing it in a way that most people wouldn't dream of! If you've been sleeping on this crew, it's time to wake up and watch their last couple movies. They're the real deal!

Doin' it on 'em with ease fam.

4. Stept (pushing limits of urban)

I don't think there is much to add to what has already been said about how much Stept has changed urban skiing. If you've been following them for the past 5 years, you would know how insane their urban spots are. Clayton Vila's Mutiny segment; hammers. Cam Riley's seg in The 86; insanity! The list goes on.

He's going fast, like fast!

5. Tom Wallisch

The Pretzelman flipped the world of skiing on it's head when he dropped his SuperUnknown. Ever since then he has continued to explode and defy physics with his butter smooth landings!

That steeze though...

6. Hoodcrew

Flip phones, snapchat, iPhones, or a T3i. Doesn't matter what they have to film, they will film with it and put it in their annual movie. Also, stair skiing. They weren't the first to do it but damn, Freed raised the bar so fucking high I don't think anyone can touch his prowess on stairs or anything that's not snow

7. Line Traveling Circus

As their intro calls them, the jib ninjas at Line are masters at making up some of the craziest rail features. Downhill wedgebox backflip? Check. Moving rails? Check. A mini-halfpipe pvc rail? Check. Don't forget their rail trick innovations and overall hilarity that really started a revolution in the webisode game of skiing.

This is stupid.

Who makes it into your list of innovators of the new age? Let me know if the comments below!