Practicing your hitting skills should be one of your top priorities as a player. Practice makes perfect, sure. That’s because practice improves your muscle memory. And if you do your drills and exercises often enough, they will become second nature to you.

When all the drills, techniques and mechanics become a part of your system, you’ll be performing a lot more consistently compared to your performance if you don’t practice often enough.

However, practice alone simply doesn’t cut it. You must practice correctly to ensure that you achieve your practice goals much faster. Aside from that, doing your drills and exercises correctly ensures and that you’re not leading yourself to greater chances of injury.

So here are some of my softball hitting tips that will help you make the most of your hitting practice. Follow them and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and keep yourself from getting injured.

Get a Training Coach

Not many players may be able to afford hiring one, but if you’re really serious about improving your game then I strongly suggest you get a training coach.

Sure, your team’s coach can guide you during practices, but he’s already working hard enough. He also has your teammates to take care of which is why you may not be getting the most of your training with him.

So I suggest you get a training coach who can share with you more time to take a closer look at your game. And since his suggestions are more personalized, you’ll be cutting your time shorter in learning new moves, drills, etc.

Vary Your Drills

There are some players who practice their hitting only with the ball on the tee for probably the rest of their careers. But you know that it’s not enough. Hitting tee balls doesn’t completely prepare you for different situations on the field since it can only help improve your swing.

That’s why you should vary your hitting drills and exercises. No exercise is ever going to give you a complete training on how to become a better hitter.

As I mentioned earlier, tee ball is just a part of the equation. You should also learn how to hit the inside and outside balls, learn how to bunt, and more. The more varied your drills are, the better-rounded a hitter you’ll become.

Take a Closer Look at How You Hit the Ball

This part is where a training coach can help you. Several videos of you hitting the ball will help him and yourself analyze how you approach this skill. If there’s room for improvement, it would be easier to detect with a video because you could freeze it or slow it down.

Why is this important? Knowing how you hit the ball helps solve a lot of problems, from your mechanics to how you handle your bat. Basically, the analysis of your batting will help determine what types of drills and exercises will benefit you the most.

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