This is kind of a rant... and well right now i have nothing prescripted in my blog, so this is what im thinking right now!

*begin rant*

First off whats the deal with this Kiss threatening to press charges against Line for their anthem graphics, and this late in the process. Im pretty sure Kiss looks nothing like the guys on the anthem graphics, and when did kiss get a trumpet player
*note there are no dudes dressed up like cats, sticking their tongues out on the anthem ski*
and i can say pretty confidently that the fictional band on like skis will ACTUALLY SHAKE ME ALL NIGH LONG. so heres some advice for kiss, SHAKE OFF YOUR PAST SUCCESS, AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT SOMEONE LOOKING LIKE YOU ON A PAIR OF SKIS. im pretty sure snoop (himself, no look-alike, actually snoop himsefl) was on the Invaders and you dont see him suing line, then again Gene Simmons is Jewish. (discalimer: i hate using sterotypes, but eh sometimes their true, if you have a problem with me saying that, go see borat and get over it) maybe the next time Gene Simmons morphs into a bug we should throw dollar bills at him, and then make a run for it.
*warning if your republican hate democrats, and think prez bush is the balls please refrain from reading* Weeee....

12 Years in the making, the democrats finally have control of the house, question is did they deserve it or did the republicans fuck it up. Well... if you can see what has been going down in this campaign, it is smart to think that the republicans fucked up this time, Let's think you have control of the house for 12 consecutive years, everythings going great, until you bring in your Boy George, and the shit hits the fan, if your a fan of bush, you must love lying, so go ahead cheat on your girlfriend, and then tell her its ok, the president does it all the time its true, (everyone do me a favour, look up the grounds for impeachment, then compare them to how Bush has been running things, and then you can see what the Democrats can do) Although, the democrats have suggested that they will not try the president on grounds for impeachment, there is a good chance that they would have a legitiment trail, Iran gave us an excellent suggestion we should infact try Donald Rumsfeld on all the lies he has been feeding us.

my third subject, and overall most contorversail, and while i am hesitent to write this, and express this to you, its something that I find important to cover, and talk about. WHY SHOULD WE BAN GAY MARRAIGE? and how does this affect you (if your not gay). How would gay marraige have an effect on the way you live YOUR life. There is no reason we should take the right of marraige away from two people in love. It is their RIGHT! I can't see how this effects you in your daily life, its not like gay married couples are going to be engaging in sex in the street, YOUR NOT GONNA BE EXPOSED TO THEIR CULTURE, unless you try to be. So tell me why, list it in your comment, tell me why gay marriage effects you, or why you think it should be banned.

thanks for reading! sorry for grammar mistakes!

*end rant*