As if the Olympics weren't tense enough for our athletes

Some U.S. officials are talking "it's too dangerous to attend the games".

Full lockdown security in Sochi; Armed escorts for U.S. Teams. Military and teams developing evacuation plans and practices. The Russian Military is on an anti-jihad jihad. And, an already ongoing manhunt for a suicide bomber known as a "black widow" which is 1 of a possible 4.

The Olympic torch arrives in Volgograd today. Where the two previous attacks were carried out by the aggressing terrorists. The group has threatened President Putin and supporters saying, "They have presents for Him and tourists" who will attend the games. The group is a known terror cell working out of Dagestan, which is about 600 miles east of Sochi. Where in between lies the Chechnya area. The same region that produced the Boston bombers. I think it would be unwise to call it a bluff.

Volgograd bus bombing. Other target was a train station.

U.S and Russian Officials are taking this very seriously. There is already more security than when we attended the games in known enemy-state of Nazi Germany. But Russia is limiting the amount of U.S personnel allowed inside the country. It is growing to be a very alarming situation.

Professor of National Security, Christopher Swift stated "The long and the short of it is, Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government will be very lucky if they are able to get through the Olympics without an incident." painting an ominous tone for the games in February.

This is last nights update on ABC. CNN update has already been posted.

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