I ride a mountain that has so far received 500 inches of snow this season. Our park progress has been stagnate. Is it terrible? No it is not. It isn't all that bad. But is it great? No. Could it be better? It could be much, much better.

So I decide, starting in the summer, to provide some feedback to hopefully get some change. Well, to my surprise (sarcasm)nothing changed. Rails range from 5 feet to 15 feet long in our "pro line." It doesn't seem to acceptable. So, some of my friends and I have been constantly pushing for change, because the way we see it is that if all we did was give props, nothing would change; it would be accpetable the way it is.

So we started filling out comment cards. Well, it started to work. The park changed, but only a little. As we got snow, features would be neglected, and would actually get smalled. The mountain has been open for 5 months. Itll be open for only 1 more month, and it is still mediocre.

So apparently, the management hates me. They believe I have "overstayed your welcome." By the way, how exactly does a paying customer do that?

"If I don't like it, I should go somewhere else."



"Just get the fuck out of here"

etc. etc.

There is much more, but it is striking how I could be hated by doing the exact thing that they wanted: feedback. I don't bitch, I just do constructive criticism. It is a pretty interesting dilema, and it is sad when it really comes down to it. So much potential, but so much waste.