This summer I had the chance to work with Aj over at 4bi9 in coming up with titles for their newest film So Far So Hood, which also happens to be available for pre-order.  I have never had the chance to do actual movie titles so it was rad to try something new with motion graphics instead of the usual shorts for the internet. I recommend you head on over to 4bi9’s site and get while the gettn’s good because based on the list of talent featured in this years movie you get an idea of how banger it’s going to be. We will see what happens at IF3 till then peep the teaser.

Also this Friday the 21st Causwell opens it’s doors with a little shop warming get together, so if you happen to be in the SLC come peep your, newest and best core shop. This is also happens to be the first retailer in the world that will be carrying Saga Outerwear, stoked!