Tonight is the night when the 2007 World Series begins. If you were to tell me 6 months ago that the Rockies would be representing the National League, I wouldn't have believed you.

But whatdoaknow, Colorado has managed to defy the odds and battle back against everyone that they have come up against. From the incredible late season run, to the San Diego tie-breaker (hands down the most exciting baseball game I've ever watched), to the sweep of the Phillies, to the sweep of the Arizona Douchebacks. Here we come Boston!

So tickets for the games at Coors Field went on sale a couple of days ago...the demand crashed the system. The ticketing site got 8.5 Million hits. Thats more people than there are men, women, children, tourists, and illegal immigrants in the state of Colorado combined. They say it was due to hackers and thats is probably right. However, it does bring up something I want to mention.


More than half of the people trying to get tickets probably didn't even follow the team all season. I hope these people get AIDS, because these are the same people that used to wear Yankees and Dodgers hats. I remember when the Rockies were the worst team in MLB, but now that they actually have their moment in the spotlight everybody is pretending that they've supported them all along. Fuck all of you!

It's the same shit thats happening in Boston. Nobody gave a shit about that team until they won that World Series and now everybody thinks they're Gods gift to humanity. I see all the people that go, "Yeah, I'm part of the Soxs Nation," no you're not stupid. If you can't name five players on Boston's roster prior to 2004, you're not a real fan, you're just another bandwagon asshole that wears the hat because its "hip."

I went to Rockies games at the old Mile High, I was there when they opened Coors Field, I was there when they hopelessly sucked, and I am there when they got to the World Series. God bless all the people that stuck with this team through thick and thin...the rest of you can go to hell.

Quinny out.