It’s been a warm season for most of North America. Even in February, it was difficult to think snow when in most front yards and street corners, there was a complete absence of anything white and fluffy (except maybe you’re neighbor’s dog). This winter definitely felt like summer. I mean, in the Northeast in March there were some 80 degree days, and while walking around in shorts and tshirts is nice, it’s a little scary when you’re used to shredding at that time of year! But, while California, the Rockies, the Midwest and the East were all having below average winters, the Northwest was getting even more snow than in 2011. Why? Something to do with La Nina again this year, which is awesome!

So what does this mean? If you live outside the Northwest you enjoyed a winter devoid of shoveling off your car, which isn’t too bad, AND you can still get a snowboard or ski fix at Mount Hood this summer at Windells. The video above features some of our kitchen crew riding in March. Face shots for days! The snow is still coming down in Oregon, too, so while you enjoy the warm spring at home, we will have snow all summer to satisfy your shredding needs.

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