From the megamind and megaplow of The Rantmaster himself, @theabortionator brings us

The A-BOWL-tionator:

An epic spring flow park rooted in his love for vert skating.

One day we were shooting the breeze over at the zoom thread and he was saying that he was catching flack for rounding out a bowl shape into the edge of the quarter pipe.

This cued a conversation about concrete flow parks and pump tracks like the ones Evergreen Skateparks are putting up.

Naturally we took it to the snow: you got the Dew Tour modified halfpipe, the Danny Davis Peace Park, the Snowboy Productions Holy Bowly course... transition snow parks are here, and people are freaking stoked on them.

Well I told him that in approximately 6 weeks time, I would journey to Crystal Mountain with my snowskate friends and enthusiastically drop into his bowl.

We baked the plans, and while I was off frolicking around doing Love Tour stuff, @theabortionator went totally "huck and pray" rogue in his snowcat.

Under the moonlight each shift, he would cut in one or two more features.

Apparantly, everyone on the mountain just kinda acted cool and didn't stop him because all anyone was talking about was how the Quicksilver Park was getting showered in positive reviews from the cheesy grins of entire triple-generation families "working their way up the walls".

@OregonDead @ill.shaunzo @powslayer_ @ and I showed up expecting a single bowl feature to session on.

What we found instead was an entire M/L-sized "corn maze" stacked with endless features, endless line choice, and endless possibilities.

My God, it was magnificent! Progressive! Visionary!

As a snowskate park, it was like something out of a dream. Chilling in the snow, rolling into larger than life skate ramps?

Yes please.

I really liked trying to do stalls and slides on the blue whiskers.

It was even kinda reminiscent of pumping through the boardycrossy trails in the trees.

Man, The A-BOWL-tionator was so playful and rad and exactly what a park should be: pure fun

What do you think?

Will we see more flow parks and transition park events pop up in the coming seasons?

I sure hope so.