These past couple weeks I've been shredding in Whistler, snowmobiling and such. A couple photos from my adventures... Nothing too exciting, but this is a blog. It's not supposed to be interesting. I just hope you don't feel to compelled to ask for a lifetime refund after wasting 3 min. of your life reading this.

It has been snowing like mad. Snowplows to prove it. Early season has been epic in Whistler.

This is my ride. The best part of it is my Nirvana sticker. Grunge is the new black. I promise.

Michelle Parker is shooting with PBP this month and crashing at my place. She's killing it. Stoked to see her part in the new PBP film, 'Gangstas R Us'.

Michelle hiking for the tree jib she hit on the left. Working for it. Killing it.

The view down to our sleds.

View of Rainbow Valley. Some kids were doing laps all day through the lower trees. Looked super fun.

Rednecks are funny, especially when they cross creeks right behind one another while pinning it. Awesome.

Trees. Snow. Goodness.

That's it. Be safe if you're heading into the backcountry, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest. Shit's hectic out there right now.