After the 4th of 5 men's Olympic halfpipe qualifying events today's three podium skiers have fulfilled the objective criteria for the US Olympic Team. An American podium sweep, absent of one of the best skiers in the world, Torin Yater Wallace, shows how stacked the US Team really is. Torin and Gus Kenworthy already both have one podium each, too, meaning they are halfway to joining today's podium. If more than 3 skiers have 2 podium finishes, the Olympic spots will be decided based on points.

There was a pretty insane levels of skill and send shown today. David Wise again showed that he is on a completely different planet from the rest of the competitors, landing a run with all four way doubles (a feat that has never been done (cleanly) before in competition?). Alex Ferreira showed off big for the hometown crowd, going absolutely massive to take second, and Aaron Blunck rounded out the podium with a run featuring unique doubles, and a good blend of tech and style. Gus Kenworthy had a nice run with both way dub 14s, but couldn't crack the top 3.

On the women's side, Cassie Sharp and Brita Sigourney impressed big time. Brita earned her first podium, landing what we think is her first right 9 in a comp, and took a big step towards Olympic qualification. Cassie's run was one of the coolest women's pipe runs we've seen yet, with a steezy switch 7 and a forward 10 blunt.