Feeling the juice from another snowmaking season?

Well, you must be at Breckenridge or making snow anywhere on planet. Not even sure how this thing works but definitely want to describe the circumstances tonight.

We just paved the way for what is promising to be the best Dew Tour Thingamajig ever invented..Olympic trials...Piece of cake on that. 55 Million gallons on one run and that's a success story minus some coressponding after effects while dialing the thing in.

Note to everyone: Snowmakers will never get credit for that or even a token case of Mountain Dew...whatever. We do it because we love it. Building the rest of the mountain is another animal. We like to start on peak 8 and move to peak 9 and then go to peak 7 and then to peak 10. I'm sure there's some divine providence involved but in the midst of all the rigormorale it is hard to define what that actually might mean...well, an extra 2000 miles on every snowmobile is what it means.

Tonight it was about 8 below zero. For anybody who has ever fluffed hoses and swapped hoses on a snow gun this would make sense in the category of what the f(hell) am I doing here? The fun part starts when you wake up and realize that you get to do this every day. I'll digress from the location and focus on one question. What is the damned windchill in front of a rat 5 at 10 below zero at wet bulb -10 F? That thing has gotta be blowin 150 mph and she's a gusher. We've all been comparing frostbite and we think the rat 5 is the best frostbite machine ever invented. The fact that we all try to get there at 50 mph might be part of the equation. I guess the bottom line is that if this works and there are some legitimate mountain folks out there respond and I'll try to post something that makes sense. Meantime hello from Fairplay Colorado where our motto is "Come to Park County on vacation and leave on probation." Dang it. Hope everybody is smiling.

OK. The question is Rat 5 wind chill. I've been asked to find out...any ideas? If you have any technical information or just have been out standing in front of a rat 5 lately let me know. Acceptable answers are "I can't feel my face" "I would tell you if you trade me snowmobiles" "Jump off a bridge"