It was a wet and dreary day, as we set out for Snowjam in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As we arrived, the sky looked like it would pour on us any minute, and the mud on the ground told us it already had. The 6 story high ramp to the 20 foot quarter pipe looked although it was ready for action, with its flags at half mast. The mood in the crowd seemed much the same as the weather: dull, boring, and unsure weather to be cheery or glum.

The first quarter pipe jam session started, and like the weather, the crowd's mood did not change. Rider after rider hit the pipe, receiving only scattered applause, mostly due to the Molson Girls throwing out free swag. Then, the first jam was over.

We walked around in toronto for a while, stopped to watch people shaving some passed out guy's legs and eyebrow (yes, just one eyebrow) and returned to the quarter pipe. The sky was completely overcast, except one spot in the distance looking like it may just let the sun out. The qualifiers were a little more exciting than the morning's jam, and some people in the crowd even cheered. Hibbert was throwing his 900s cleanly, Crighton his flat 5 japans, and Andy Woods stuck to his daffys. The comp ended, and we went home.

The next morning was like another world. The sun was shining bright, the humidity was high, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We made our way back to the Exhibition center, and headed for the quarter pipe. Already the crowds were gathering, hoping to get a glipse of their new found stars. As the competition started, the crowd started to cheer. With every rider going bigger than the last, the crowd cheered louder than ever before. I couldn't believe it: the crowd wanted to see more skiing! Andy Woods stopped doing daffys and started throwing huge 720 tail grabs. Rex thomas threw stylish flatspin 540 mute grabs, and Dave Crighton threw flawless flatspin 720 safety grabs. Hibbert, who was hoping to win the athlete of the tour award (worth $8,000CAD) had bad luck on his side, as his binding popped off his ski upon landing an enourmous 900 lu kang. Hibbert won the athlete of the tour award after all because he received 1 point for qualifying; all he needed to win.

In the finals were Dave Crighton, Andy Woods, and Rex Thomas. Andy and Rex both bailed on both of their final jumps, and Dave landed his Flatspin 5 critial and Flatspin 7 safety perfeclty.

Final standings:

3. Rex Thomas

2. Andy Woods

1. Dave Crighton

Athlete of the tour: Scotty Hibbert

Just when we thought the fun was over, it started again as the final Jam session took place. All of the skiers and snowboarders were invited back (even if they hadn't qualified for the finals). Sarah Burke wowed the crowd with a huge 900. She ended up bailing, but it was good enough to receive one of the biggest cheers of the weekend. All of the skiers and snowboarders were going HUGE for the final jam, including a snowboarder the crowd called "Boner" who flew off the side of the pipe and smashed into the metal spectator fence. Luckily, he landed on his feet and was awarded a perfect landing score.

And the fun didn't stop there! After the jam session, Rex Thomas gave his skis away. The only rule: "The first pair of boobs I see, without a bra, get my skis". And before you could say "I wish I was a girl", a winner amounted.

The weekend ended on a special note, as ski star Doug Bishop signed autographs for dozens of fans that stuck around to watch his rail session. Girls begged to take a lock of his hair and kids rushed with their jerseys in hand to get an autograph. I was lucky enough to have a word with Doug, and he said that he skis for the love of the sport, and hopes that he can be a good influence to the kids that look up to him.

So with the end of the weekend came the end of another great Snowjam. As the snow was cleared from the quarter pipe, we can only hope snow will soon fill our own pipes and we can soon be rippin' it up at our local mountain.

More pictures:

Crystal's bum with NS stickers on it

Rex Thomas signing Crystal's back

A snowboarder and Turpin hit the ramp

Some girl wearing nothing but stickers up top.

Special thanks to Pete and Steph for the free accomodation!

Source: Matt Harvey,

Pictures: © Matt Harvey/, 2001. Back to News