Photo: Snowbird Youtube

The ski industry is becoming an ever more competitive landscape forcing some resorts to take drastic measures to stay relevant. In a press release earlier today Snowbird Resort in Utah announced it’s plans to shut down the famed Aerial Tram and divert resources to a new terrain park.

Snowbird spokesperson Tina Ton-Gravity explained that “powder skiing is no longer a big draw to the Utah resort, because it is too easy”. She explained that the locals were “the only ones dumb enough to think that it’s still fun” adding that “it’s not like they contribute much to the resort, or society for that matter.”

The reaction from the local community has understandably been mixed. The Radical Radish reached out to local skier Zane Kushman who heralded the idea as, “the best thing to ever happen in the Little Cottonwood Canyon..” Other locals have taken to their online message boards to lambaste the decision. Snowbird isn’t worried, however, saying the locals are their “worst asset,” adding “they’re like that weird old uncle that you have to invite to Thanksgiving, but no one wants them there.”

Operating the Tram is a costly venture for Snowbird, and operations manager Steve Climber says they already have several parties interested in purchasing the Tram, including Snowshoe Mountain, in West Virginia, and the city of Palm Springs. Once the Tram is removed, The Cirque will be closed permanently, and ski patrol will blow it up in order to make a smoother grade for the new park. Snowbird concluded the statement optimistically, saying “powder skiing just isn’t what it used to be. Our terrain isn’t good enough to make us a competitive resort, so I’m excited to say goodbye to the Tram and hello to our new terrain park.”