The snow storm today up at Alpine Meadows (Sunday, November 7) was so nice to see, and it was lots of fun to venture out to see what was happening at different elevations. Without a doubt, winter conditions were expected at the top of the Summit Six Chair given the temperature decrease and wind increase on the way up the mountain.

Being out in the elements, regardless of the time of year, is much like catching a glimpse of Mother Nature’s cookbook of secret recipes. Today’s storm is the beginning of the winter, and she was indeed cooking up a beautiful storm out there – filled with a dash of variable winds (west, southwest, south, and back again); a handful of Fahrenheit varieties; and an econ-o-sized bag of pre-season pow. When I left, there were no hints of her taking a break from the kitchen.

Here are different videos showing her work at various elevations:

Near the base lodge:

On Weasel Run:

Near Alpine Bowl Chair:

Top of Yellow Chair:

Looking at Wolverine Bowl & Idiot’s Delight:

Top of Summit Six Express Chair: