If the various mountain ranges throughout North America could be

thought of as a group of adolescent kids, then the Sierras around Tahoe

would definitively be the late bloomer in the group. I’m not talking

about voice changes, hormones or acne, but snow. It seems like the last

three seasons Tahoe has been the last to get a good coating of snow,

and this season certainly has been no different. But just like puberty,

it has to happen at some point and the Sierras finally blossomed like a

nice white flower.  Enough with the adolescent comparison, the fact of

the matter is that our wait for snow is finally over, the storms

started and like clock work so did the powder skiing.


season I have been spending a lot of time skiing with K.C. Deane and of

course when the snow fell we teamed up and went on a mission to get as

much of that as possible. K.C. is a good friend to have for powder

trips because he’s no rookie when it comes to finding good areas,

getting there, and staying safe.  K.C. and I started our powder mission

with pillow lines on a photo shoot with Josh Anderson who was

collecting pictures for the “White Out Album”. Here are some pictures

from the pillow fest. We also returned to this same spot with

cinematographer extraordinaire Scotty Nickle to get some footage of the

fluffy white pillows for next Years DOS movie.

K.C. punishing the some unsuspecting pillows for the first line fo the trip.

I lost my pillow-line virginity and I don't regret it.


K.C. went on a pillow punishing mission.


I decided to back him up on his mission, team work is important.

 K.C. almost looks like he's floating on clouds in the Tahoe sunshine.

The pillows kicked up so much snow that I lost myself, and so did the camera.

Luckily I remerged from the cloud and found myself on more pillows, the camera found me too.

 K.C. riding the white wave off of a drop. 


Yes it really was this deep.


It was just as deep if you skied backwards as K.C. demonstrates.

There was so much snow I even lost my face.


next trip out was with photographer Ben Meester. We got a few more

pictures on this trip, but due to the incredible amounts of deep snow

we were unable to even make it to our destination and had to settle for

more mellow places in the trees that are safer from avalanches. I did

get the change to try my old 1993 Yamaha Enticer 136 track out in the

deep snow. After being made fun of by legendary Alpine Meadows jump

builder Jonahs, the enticer was quick to retaliate by successfully

making it everywhere we went and then backing that up by ripping back

and forth through 4ft. of fresh blower snow in a sloped meadows.

Pictures or I didn’t happen, so here they are.

The Enticer emerges the victor after a trek through the bottomless meadow. Now who's laughing Jonahs?

 K.C. sure knows how to rip a snowmobile
 And rip his snowmobile he did.

Ben told me to ski by this tree so I did. Good call Ben, he GTS.


Then Ben told K.C. to do a pow slasher, I would say it turned into more of a shameless Moment plug.

Ben told me to do a slasher too to wrap up the session. Clearly I abided.


there was so much snow at once onto of a layer of crust and then old

rot snow, the steeps where out of the question for the time being. We

decided to make the most of it and instead built a jump in a safe place

where K.C. and long time Squaw Rider Dave Grible could learn some

double flips.  I wanted to learn one too, but my attempt proved less

successful and far more painful. K.C. and Dave on the other had wound

up stomping theirs after a hand full of attempts. I might take this

time to mention that Dave is at the ripe age of 33 and a true

inspiration that older guys rip just as hard. Here are some pictures

from the jump day.

 The jump starts to take form.

K.C. ponders the mechanics of a double flip, from huck to stomp and everything in-between. 

Sun silhouette, a sign that good things are coming.

After a good filming session I decided to wrap my session off by "supermaning" that jump.


sealed the deal on his day switch a nice switch rodeo. Pretend he is on

Moments since he had to borrow my skis after ripping his binding out on

a double flip. 

A quick edit of some of the jump session.

Courtesy of Newschoolers.com


is notorious for getting huge storms that leave massive amounts of snow

in a short period of time, but it is also notorious for following up

those storms with even more storms that produce nice warm temperatures

and rain. The predictability of this cycle never ceases to amaze me and

no longer had the snow started to settle for a big BC trip than it

started raining, and rain it did. It even rained at the highest

elevations. This combined with prolonged gusty winds has really put a

damper on the skiing for the last week. We’ve tried to preserver, but

getting much done in these conditions has proved to be a difficult

task, so I’ve spent the last few days taking care of some random tasks

like getting some nice new boots and tuning up my sled.  The good news

is the weather looks to be making a turn for the colder, which means

more snow and snowing it already is!!!