Words by KC Deane -

Winter in the Tahoe area has finally arrived! Recently I got back

from slaying powder in Colorado to find Reno blanketed in a foot of new

snow. Bentley from DOS media also heard about the recent snowfall and

was quickly on the road to Reno.

Christmas night Jason Badger, Bentley, Justin Anderson and myself

began setting up for a long night of filming. We started off on the

double kink which some of you Reno locals might recognize. I was also

stoked to try out my new urban ramp which I finished a few months ago

and have been waiting to use it. Despite the fact that this rail has

been hit many times before I wanted to get a new trick that had never

been done on it. Justin and I quickly started working on our tricks,

and Justin was slaying. So finally, I started working on transferring

from rail to rail. It was a super hard trick since Clayton's double

kinks are not that close together. In the process I managed to shear my

binding off after getting caught in the rail and Anderson had one of

the best crashes Ive seen in a while! Check out the movie to see what


Putting in work

In yo face!

Mr. Anderson

After staying up for 48 hours straight and filming urban with Bentley

we decided to take a day off while the backcountry settled and the

avalanche danger subsided. We headed out the following day with photog

Ben Meester and DOS athlete Christian Mares into the Tahoe

backcountry. After Bentley cruised into the parking lot 2 hours late

we took off to try and find a place to build a feature. We found this

spot that had a REALLY tricky landing zone, It was a step-over hip that

had a super steep landing into a ravine. leaving little room for error.

The lip build took us around 3 hours, but turned out to be really fun

and I started things off with some flat spins. A couple hits in, I got

the shot on the flatspins, then Christian and I decided it twas time

for some double flips. I dropped in and set my spin just right,

however.... I somehow managed to come up about 10 feet short and land

on the knuckle. With the early season snow pack i drove my knee into a

rock that was just under the surface. As it turns outs, the rock is

much harder than my knee.... who knew?! That ended my day and we

headed out, thankful to have gotten my first shots of the year in the


GTS Flat 3 - Photo by Ben Meester

Double back attempt - Photo by Ben Meester

Spinnin and Grabbin into a New Year! - Photo by Ben Meester