Yeah! Snow day! Me and my bro Rosso headed up to Boston Mills for some early skiing while it was still quiet in the park and in the lift lines. But besides that, the park crew added some new features to the end of the park which made it more enjoyable. (I'm going to describe what the new park looks like, but sorry if the names i give the features aren't correct). So, they added a strange tube-like thing (like something you may see at a construction site) that wasn't too popular with the riders; Next to that, a Flat T-rail(like the top of a box except rounded at the ends); then next to that, a small pvc pipe. Then after those three features, they built a really wide jump with a cannon box on one side and a rainbow box on the other. Anyways, it all worked out pretty well. the Flat T-rail was definitely the most popular because it attracted a huge crowd of riders with little experience. So, after I tore that section up, i decided to head back to the older rails because it was practically empty. If any of you recall from my last blog entry, I mentioned that there was a box with a small pipe as a ramp to get on. I figured out that I can use the front edge of the box as a step up to actually ride it. Turns out, it was successful. Now, after a few days of improvement to the park, i'd give it a 6 or 7 out of 10 stars. Happy Skiing!TheShealyWord p.s. As I also mentioned in my last post, Brandywine was the place with the "real park". It looks like that BW is opening later this week, so I'm going to definitely roll with my bros and "shred the gnar" as my fellow snowboarders say hahaha.