I ended up winning a GoPro HD camera from newschoolers.com and from gopro.  It is a sweet camera.  It shoots 1080p video as well as 5mp still shots with a 170 degree wide angle lens.  I am still trying tweaking a few video settings before I make an edit of the test shots I have gotten with the camera, but here are some stills that I pulled from the video.

Untracked Snow!I have been using the Chest Mount from GoPro to take this video, mainly because I am afraid that the camera will fall off of my helmet.  So, although it isn't true point of view, it does give some great shots.
Face Shot!These first two shots are from our second run of the day on January 19th, 2010.  We had some awesome snow on Baldy right after it opened.  15 inches fresh.  If you have never gotten a face shot before, this is a great example of what it fels like just a second before you get pummeled by fresh snow :)
Dropping!This last picture is a nice drop we hit up around the end of the day. I was demoing some Lib Tech NAS Pow Recurve skis.  Watch for a review on these skis laster this week.  This shot was taken about 1/3 of the way through the entire air time.  Awesome cliff, awesome chute, awesome landing.  Good times!