Last winter was...Probably the worst winter I’ve ever had.  Living in northern Ontario was bad enough on its own , lucky for us we had  a little resort just outside of town and it had a decent park. But not last winter, last winter we had no park. The snow has never been great in Ontario and even worse in northern Ontario, last winter was one of the worst snow year I can remember. We had no groomer last year and pretty much the biggest gaper straight out of special ed for a manager. With all of this, it was time to move on. 

The was no way i was staying there for another season, in June i packed my bags and move here, to Kelowna, British Columbia. Mikey will be joining me in a few weeks. Coming from a hill with 400ft vertical and 300cms of annual snowfall, this place is going to be insane. We are going to travel B.C and Alberta hitting up all the west coast parks possible but most of all we are here for snow. Powder. We are going to be skiing as much powder, venturing out into the back country and building booters while we are there.

We plan to travel, film and share our experiences, by putting out edits and keeping everyone updated on what we are up to. If you see us around out there, come say hi and ski a few runs with us.