All throughout the 2010-11 ski season, Smith Ski Athletes have been on the podium at the world's biggest events, but at the final stop of the Freeskiing World Tour Championships in Snowbird, UT, the magnitude of Smith domination was on a completely different level. Not only did Smith Athletes win both the men's and women's overall tour titles, but the final results for this event proved that the Smith Ski Team is as deep as it is good. Despite the flat light and foggy weather, the Smith product performed flawlessly as the Smith Athletes were able to see the clear path to victory as they not only swept the podium, but they also picked up 4th, 5th, and 6th place in the men's event as well.

Sage, Tabke, and Chopo represent!

If you have never been to one of these comps before, you have to see it to believe it. These competitors are skiing the gnarliest lines the mountain has to offer and are doing it with speed, style, and throwing down tricks in the midst of the rocky, foggy, hardpack venue. These athletes are legit and dont compromise on their gear, further validating the point that Smith's optics rule.

Drew Stoecklein stomps his way to 4th place

For the ladies, it was Smith Ski Athlete Angel Collinson easily winning the women's event and the overall title for the second year in a row. Angel was born and raised at Snowbird, UT, and spent several years training with the US Ski Team before she got into competitive big mountain freeskiing. This skill set has allowed her to tackle gnarly terrain with the creativity of a big mountain skier and the technical precision of a world cup racer. In just her second year on the tour, Angel has been the lady to beat and is no doubt laying the foundation for an amazing career that lies ahead.

Angel Collinson can ski way better than you

In the men's event, the big news was that ski movie star and Smith Ski Team stalwart Sage Cattabriga-Alosa was going to compete and he did not disappoint the legion of fans that showed up to catch a glimpse of this legend. Sage tricked his way down the course on both days of competition and finished the event in 2nd place.

Sage gets some competition practice in before he heads over to the Reb Bull Cold Rush

Huge congrats also go out to Smith sponsored Chopo Diaz. Coming from Chile, Chopo has not been on skis since the southern hemisphere winter ended in September, but this guy knows how to ski and his smooth style and lofty airs got him the 3rd spot on the podium.

That leads us to this years winner Smith Ski Athlete Drew Tabke. Tabke laid down a blistering run on day one, sending huge airs, stylish tricks, all while skiing fast, aggressive and in control. This is exactly what the judges are looking for and Tabke used the same formula on day 2 to take home the title and the McConkey Cup--awarded to the tour's overall winner.

Overall Tour Winners Drew Tabke and Angel Collinson

all photos courtesy of Keith Carlsen/MSI

Check out the video of the top runs

Day 1

Day 2