Thought of this crazy idea while watching Thrasher King Of The Road. Basically the same idea as the tv show but skiing. Personally I think it would have to start with well know filmers such as Josh Berman, Eric Olson or maybe a filmer on the come up such as Gavin Rudy, Brody Jones or Owen Dahlberg. Get four teams of five people each. Teams could get really interesting depending who would sacrifice who from the xgames/dew tour but I think I would choose Aramada Volk Hg skis ON3P and Line. Representing armada could be B-dog(Phil Casabon), Torin Later Wallace, Quinn Wolferman, Tanner Hall, and Sammy Carlson. Team Volk Ahmet Dadali, Nick Geopper, Willie Born, Jona Kangas, and Russ Henshaw. Hg skis Keegan Kilbride, Cole Gibson, Alex Hackel, Christian Franckio, Jeremie Veilleux. ON3P Magnus Graner, Karl Fostvedt, John Ware, Siver Volk, and Maxi Smith. Line skis Tom Wallisch, LJ Strenio, Khai Krepela, Par Hagglund, Leo Taillefer. Having all these names in a short series of hour long episode catching up with each team as they travel and try to complete challenges Would get very interesting. Challenges could be split up into a couple different things such as team daily and location. Team would be as simple as complete all four dub 10's k-fed and s rail sw disaster 4. Daily challenges could be ski blade, only ski sw, snowboard, ski naked. Location challenges could be going to certain spots such as famous street spots mountains or back country. I hope someday this could actually happen because it would be one of the best events in skiing. Someone get Matt Walkers opinion and see if the slvsh crew could get it done. Thanks for reading and make sure to give a thumbs up.