Hey fellow skiers and readers,


thought I would update you all on what I have been up to this early

season.  My season started out once I finished work in Vernon, I had

the pleasure of working with Joe Schuster for a week on the new city

hall development in Vernon.  Before that I had been creating new

sidewalks and curbs throughout the Okanagan with Grizzly Curb.  Anyways

once I was done with work I drove my truck (Gina-Marie) down to Utah

where I picked up a sled.  I stayed in Park City for a night with my

good friend Tim Russell and his lovely girlfriend Kristen Black. Once

my sled was ready to be picked up, I picked it up, bet you could

guessed that.  Then I continued my road trip onward to Colorado.  I

made it to Simon Dumont's house in Dillon and skied that afternoon at

Keystone.  The next morning I got a call from Josh Berman letting me

know about a storm that was about to hit the Northwest.  I decided it

was in my best intrest to book a flight and fly back up to pretty much

where I just came from.  This is a shot of Freedle Coty, Duncan Adams

and I waiting it out on a nice look out in bellingham since it was

raining up in the mountains.

That night it turned to snow, thank goodness. 


got to shred some super awesome wonderous kick ass snow early season

when we were not expecting too.  It is very hard to ask for more at

this point, but we got it, in the form of more snow.  We met some

friends up there and got to cruise around for a few days.  It

eventually turned to rain, but thats ok, its mid-november.  We did

quite a bit of commuting in a fairly small vehicle for us and all of

our gear.  Which made it interesting and quite cozy. This was the

vehicle about half full...

It gave us some good time for music and jokes and mustache designs...


am now back in Colorado where there are some fine jumps and fine people

around to shred with.  If you happen to be one of those fine people

feel free to throw me a high five or a wave if you see me about.  I

will most likely be at Keystone or Breck hitting jumps, rails, groomers

and having a lot of fun.  Hope to you out there, and if your up in the

Northwest right now, enjoy the snow, your getting really lucky.  I will

be up there soon.  Happy Shredding!

- Josh Bibby