Join the 4BI9 crew as they travel to various locations across the country in an attempt to bring you some of the most progressive and entertaining displays of skiing around. Whether it was late-night handrail missions, early-morning backcountry hikes, 10 hour road trips, waist deep pow, bluebird skies, 15 second breaks in the clouds, broken generators, or whatever else we came across we can guarantee that we did our best to capture the essence of it all; that is having a great time on and off the mountains with our friends. Featuring some of the top up and coming riders around during one of the snowiest seasons imaginable.  We can assure you that this will be a movie worth checking out.  With that being said we are proud to announce our 2008 release entitled “Slamina.”

And to keep you content while the trailer is loading here is a bunch of pictures taken throughout the season...

photos courtesy of Brady Perron, Andrew Napier, Andrew Holson, and Tristan Greszko and many others (sorry if we missed your name).

Hope you all enjoy the trailer… don’t forget to order your copy of Slamina at, there is still plenty of shredding in the movie for you guys to check out.

Huge thanks to all the sponsors and everyone else who helped out throughout the season.