Patrick Ring has just dropped a banger street part, Sláinte, an ode to his home state of Wisconsin. Patrick grew up in Lake Geneva and it’s been a long-term dream to showcase the street spots of his home state in a full part; also hoping, to inspire some of the younger generations to get after it. Sometimes all you need is to be shown what’s possible, after all that’s how we all started. I caught up with Patrick a few days before the project dropped, right before he headed out the door to hit yet more street in Salt Lake City after a dump of December snow.

Patrick, whose previous parts can be seen in Vishnu’s Harvest, Child Labor’s “The Strike”, and his solo part “Word is Bond” - before appearing in Strictly’s August light - decided to pay homage to his home state of Wisconsin for this year’s part:

“I grew up skiing at a small rope tow park called Alpine Valley and wanted to ski street spots in the area. My senior year in high school I filmed a part but it was half and half Salt Lake and Wisconsin. Ever since then I wanted to do a full Wisconsin part and last winter they had the snow to do it so it finally all came together”

A large portion of Sláinte was filmed alongside Gavin Rudy, Taylor Brooke, and Ethan Swadburg having made their way out to Wisconsin to film for Taylor’s X-Games Real Ski part in tandem with Strictly’s filming for August Light (Have A Nice Day) which Patrick also appears in. The rest was filmed with the homies Patrick grew up skiing the streets with.

Not only did Gavin Rudy put in the work behind the camera, but he also has a shot in the project. The guest list is pretty extensive - although almost entirely Strictly crew members and most of the guest appearances were shot by Patrick.

“All the features in the project are just people I was with during winter. I showed Gavin, Taylor, and Ethan around at the start of winter and then the Most Gutter dude’s when they showed up. I even got to get my childhood friend Emerson Hochevar his first street clip. I’d blown my knee and didn’t think I had enough shots to put out what I’d consider a full part so I threw the homies in.”

I always think it’s dope to hear stories behind the shots when it comes to street parts. The (almost) ender was shot on New Year’s day, explaining the champagne at the very least and tying in nicely with the title of the project; Sláinte.

“Gavin and Taylor were in town so I knew I had to do something cool and scare myself a little bit. That was the first clip of the year and is probably still my favorite.”

“The actual ender, the tunnel spot, took like 5 days to shoot. Gavin and I built it solo, there was no snow under the bridge so we were throwing snow off the top and gathering it with tarps. We had to chuck a bunch of pallets down there and some guy thought we were dumping. We tried to hit it at night one time as well, but the bridge goes over train tracks so we got train horns blasted at us by a conductor. Finally, after 5 days, we managed to get that, I was hyped. I’ve been staring at that spot for a few years.


While ACL injuries are all too frequent in skiing it’s important to frame injury and setbacks in as positive a light as you can. Patrick already did this by showcasing his friends and filmers in the part but also used it to remind himself of old passions.

“It’s been a blessing in disguise in some ways. It's meant I’ve done more skateboard filming, stuff with Almost and Bones Wheels. It also pushed me to get back behind the lens and shoot skiing again. So I guess you gotta take it as it comes. I’ll be back in the streets filming though, that’s the beauty of it, you can always do more!”

With the injury now in the history books Patrick is looking forward to another all-time season, joining Line Skis, going on the Tell A Friend Tour as well filming with Will and the gang; let's hope to see some Travelling Circus antics as well as just getting out in the streets with the homies and stacking clips. This was a real banger from Patrick and we’re stoked to see what comes next!


This video was dedicated to Louis Holian who passed away in the Mill Creek avalanche this past season. Patrick says, “I remember meeting Louis when I was probably 12 at Wilmot mountain. He was wearing his signature, ‘Smoke Meth Hail Satan’ hoodie and ever since that moment I’ve looked up to him. He was a true midwest legend and always had the most fun on skis. This one’s for you Louis! Ski in Peace.”