Words by Uri Puig

Photos by Josep Malo

The Spanish freeskiing scene in the Pyrenees Mountains lives under the shadow of the French and the Austrian with their huge Alps. However there’s a lot going on down there, and some riders and competitions are sticking out while the rest of the country watches soccer and gets burned to a cinder on the beach.

Jaime Puigdengoles

AllTheSki.com and Skullcandy recently teamed up to host an online edit competition where 10 invited riders made videos for their chance to earn a cash prize for Best Edit or Best Riding.

These are three of the top edits. Even though Jaime Puigdengoles (aka “Malas”) ended up taking top honors on both Best Edit and Best Riding, Scotty and Luka’s edits show that the youngsters in the good old Pyrenees are skiing like they lived somewhere not filled with nice beaches, crazy partying and beautiful women...

Skullcandy PrimeTime 2011 - JAUME PUIGDENGOLES from ATS! on Vimeo.

Skullcandy PrimeTime 2011 - LUKA MELLONI from ATS! on Vimeo.

Skullcandy PrimeTime 2011 - SCOTTY JORDAN from ATS! on Vimeo.

Check out AllTheSki.com if you want to take a look at the other participant's edits or practice your Spanish while taking part in the Jaime vs Scotty discussion.