This last year, I have been watching in awe of what skiers are doing. It all started with Charles Gagnier's splits rail slide (I still haven't heard anyone name it yet, anyone know?) at the Tignes Airwaves and the rodeo-to-rail in the L1P LSS trailer. Now at the Jon Olson Invitational, there are double corks, octograb 10s, split ski action mid delayed spin (PK Hunter).

My point being, I can't see snowboarding matching this.

Sure there doing double corks but double grabs look lame on boards. At the Les 2 Alpes Modial du... events, it was the Modial du Ski which was more popular than the Modial du Snowboard. I think this will continue to be the case and skiers very soon will be getting more money into the sport and be bigger than snowboarding. Hammer, Palmer, Lib Tech and Prior are some of the snowboard companies which see the truth.

The age old contest of skiers vs snowboarders has just got interesting!